What is the Little Club?

The Little Club is the idea from Irish twins Scott and Ryan Fitzsimons. They began creating Minecraft videos for fun in 2011 while working two part-time jobs each and going to school. It took nearly two years of uploading daily videos until they started to gain millions of views. Due to the number of followers they then had, it became overwhelming to keep up with demand so they decided to quit their jobs and become full-time Minecraft YouTubers. Paying careful attention to what their fans wanted, Scott and Ryan knew they were dealing with a young audience. Measures where then put in place to help protect the content they put out so it was recognised as 100% child-friendly Minecraft videos. Wanting to share their success with friends and family, they began to create the Little Club.

The Little Club consists of close friends and family of Scott & Ryan. This feeling of friendship spreads throughout the videos as there are seamless interactions between characters who are comfortable working with one another. They are all aware that the content we publish is for the entertainment of children, therefore, the obligation exists to create content that is not only entertaining but is going to create value for whoever is watching and for their parents. You will often find a moral to the story in the Little Club’s videos, or ways that will help children in situations which are impossible to avoid when growing into a young adult, for example, dealing with bullies and how to be careful online.

If you have any queries about any of our content, please get in touch as we will be happy to facilitate. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with your child watching our videos so we are constantly striving to improve our content to suit their needs.

Should I let my child watch these videos?
Of course! The educational benefits of playing Minecraft have not gone unnoticed. Therefore, we aim to nurture this with the content we publish through our YouTube videos. You are guaranteed that our videos remain 100% child-friendly so there is no need to worry that they will come across explicit material when on any of the channels in The Little Club.
Is it OK to let my kid watch Minecraft videos for hours?
In our opinion, No. A sandbox game with endless possibilities which is then converted to entertaining video content can be engrossing. But, it has been touted as reinforcing geometry concepts by strengthening viewers’ thinking and reasoning skills, creativity and collaboration. This does however, have its downfall; how much is too much? While we don’t consider ourselves as knowing the ins and outs of how much time each child should spend watching Minecraft videos, what we do believe in is making sure that each child balances their activities. Therefore, they should have physical activities as much as they have passive activities. What we can agree on is that any time spent watching videos from the Little Club is quality screen time for your child to enjoy.
Does there have to be ads displayed to my child while they are watching Little Club videos?
No. What we have seen with most of our audience is that they watch our videos through their parents’ YouTube accounts. This means that ads which are generally directed at parents are then being displayed to their children. There are two ways around this. The first is to subscribe to YouTube’s paid service, YouTube Red. This removes all ads from your viewing experience on YouTube while still supporting the channel that uploads the content. Second, you can download YouTube Kids and watch our content from there. Ads will still be displayed but they are made sure to be kid friendly.