Donut The Dog

Was originally named Buddy the Dog but then changed his name due to his love of donuts

Secretly practices every day so he can beat Little Donny on the obstacle course

Once ate 20 donuts in one sitting! Butler Barry was not impressed!!

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Little Carly

Little Carly’s dog Brian is based off of her dog in real life

She has a pet Unicorn

Has a fear of spoons

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Little Donny

His nickname is Pudgy Wudgy

He was once a frog who turned into a Prince when kissed by Little Kelly

He loves beating Donut The Dog when they race in their obstacle courses

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Little Kelly

Her first YouTube video was Minecraft Crazy Craft 3.0 and she was with Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle

Little Kelly’s dog Buttons is an exact copy of Kelly’s dog in real life

Biggest fear: Evil Little Kelly!!

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Little Lizard

Trained all the most famous of Lizards in how to be cool, including Godzilla and the Geico Gecko

Found a portal in real life which leads to the Minecraft world

Turned down a role as an X-factor judge to make Minecraft films with the Little Club

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Sharky Adventures

He is vegetarian

He can’t turn left

When he dreams, he dreams of the whole Little Club having the biggest pillow fight!!

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What is the Little Club?

The Little Club is the idea from Irish twins Scott and Ryan Fitzsimons. They began creating Minecraft videos for fun in 2011 while working two part-time jobs each and going to school. It took nearly two years of uploading daily videos until they started to gain millions of views. Due to the number of followers they then had, it became overwhelming to keep up with demand so they decided to quit their jobs and become full-time Minecraft YouTubers. Paying careful attention to what their fans wanted, Scott and Ryan knew they were dealing with a young audience. Measures where then put in place to help protect the content they put out so it was recognised as 100% child-friendly Minecraft videos. Wanting to share their success with friends and family, they began to create the Little Club.

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